Leah Swanger

50 year old mother of 4, Oma (grandma) of 3.

Because I seriously injured my knee when I was 16, exercise has been an important part of my life, which has included, walking, then jogging, weight lifting, and cycling. Then at 38, I had a significant weight gain, forcing me to make more changes. I changed the way I eat, and was introduced to Revolution style workouts. I was hooked on Rev from the very first session and have been sharing my love of this program ever since.

Through clean eating, doing Revolution sessions, jogging and cycling I have lost about 8% body fat, which for me translates to a loss of 38 pounds, and gain of great muscle tone and increased endurance.

Currently I am involved in the Boy Scout program assisting with the bicycling merit badge which culminates with a 50 mile bike ride (10 years), Girls on the Run (3 years), this is my second year doing timed rides with the Chinook Cycling Club, and I’m TRX certified. My other hobbies include: camping, hiking, quilting, knitting, gardening and playing with my grandkids.

Fitness is a lifestyle that improves your quality of life. When you feel good, you can do more.

Leah Swanger