Personal Training

Custom Program, personalized results!

You want a change, but you don’t know where to start?

You used to be able to go out for a run, head to the gym and get sweaty and feel great.


Now? It’s a little tougher. Going out for a run doesn’t feel great – going to the gym leaves you sore, tight, and maybe even a little achy. And figuring out what you should do on top of your busy schedule, shuttling kids around, working, and maintaining your house is daunting.


All this considered – Results don’t come like they used to. You need a plan that will work for you.

Our 30 day kickstart is designed for you

30 day kickstart includes:

Orientation to Training

Our  “Orientation to Training” class is a one time, 75-90 minute class that is going to provide you with the blueprint you need to be successful in a training program.

1-on-1 Discovery Session

Valued at $65

Semi Private Training

1 day per week of semi private training for 30 days (4 semi private sessions) Valued at $149

Small Group Personal Training

Up to 3 days per week of Small Group Personal Training. Valued at $229

Team Training Access

Access to full Team Training Schedule. (Coming October 2023) Valued at $149


Includes: Metabolic Conditioning Classes and Recovery Workouts

Virtual Exercise Resources

Access to virtual resources including at home/hotel workouts, exercise instructional videos, videos for self myofascial release techniques.

We’ve designed this program to help put you in the best position possible to be successful! Get started for just $199