How to use the StairMaster

Have you ever wondered how to use the StairMaster?

Using the StairMaster can seem difficult, but with the right steps and right preparation, you will on your way in no time!


Step One:

Gather everything you think you need to work out. 

Here is a list of average items one brings when going to the gym:

  • Water Bottle

    • Preferably pre-filled. Some gyms have closed their water fountains down during this time to help prevent the spread of disease. 

    • Club 24 has available water bottle spouts on each water fountain if you need to fill up while you’re in the gym.

  • Bring the appropriate shoes. If you don’t know what to use at the gym feel free to ask one of our fitness professionals or do some online research to see what works for you. 

  • Headphones. If you don’t have any, we sell some at the front desk. 

  • Pack the appropriate gym clothes or put them on before you go.

    • Look for clothes with wicking, consider cotton, and avoid fabrics that do not breathe. You should wear clothes that are loose and comfortable. For other activities choose stretchy, fitted fabrics. In general, keep in mind that you don’t want any clothing that gets in the way.


Step Two:

Get to know the Console

Most StairMasters will have the same buttons, with a different layout. 

The “Choose a Goal” buttons will let you select between Time, Calories, and Floors. 

If you choose Time:

  • Begin by selecting Time

  • Select the time in minutes in which you would like to work out. 

  • Pick anywhere between 1 and 180 minutes.

If you choose Calories

  • Begin by selecting Calories.

  • Use the Level Up or Level Down buttons to select the number of calories or use the number pad to type your specific number in

If you choose Floors

  • Begin by selecting “Floors”

  • Use the Level Up or Level Down buttons to select the number of Floors or use the number pad to type your specific number in.

The Stop and Go buttons are colored appropriately and located in the center of the console. The Pause button is yellow and located below the console. It is the biggest button on the machine.


Step Three:

Get on the StairMaster.

When looking at the StairMaster you may notice long bars on either side of the machine. These bars are used as handles to help you get on the machine and keep stable during your workout. Each one of these handles starts on the console at the top and goes down to the assisted steps on the lower portion of the machine. These assisted steps will help you mount the machine. Think of it as a sort of stirrup on a saddle or a side rail on a truck. Place your foot into the assisted step, grab onto the handle, pull yourself up, and step onto the StairMaster.


Step Four:

Begin your workout:

Choose one of the workouts we discussed when you got to know the console or just press Go to begin. 


Step Five:

Keep your form when using the StairMaster.

If you feel yourself slacking, nearly tripping. Running into the side rails or anything besides keeping your form then it might be a good idea to lower your workout. It’s best to feel comfortable with your workout so you don’t injure yourself. 


Step Six:

Feel free to change things up. 

If you are used to doing one workout, try another or slightly alter your current one. It’s good to keep your body guessing. 


Step Seven:

When you are ready to get off the StairMaster just press the stop button or press the pause button. The pause button will stop the tracks, is larger, and easier to select. Use the handles and assisted steps when getting off the machine. Wipe down the console, handles, and any parts you may have touched while using the machine to make it ready and available for the next member.