The best exercises for your core: The Turkish Get-Up with Kathy Martin!

The best exercises for your core: The Turkish Get-Up with Kathy Martin!


The Turkish Get-up works on multiple muscles because it goes through multiple positions. 


Place a kettlebell or dumbbell on the floor. 


Get onto your side into a “fetal” position.


Rollover so you are flat on your back and grasp the wight handle with both hands and pull it so that it’s touching your chest.


Both your legs should be flat on the floor horizontal with your body. 


Bend your right leg and place your right foot flat on the floor. Place it just above where your knee was when your legs were flat. 


Place your opposite arm out to your side, flat on the floor (the arm not holding the weight.) so that it forms a 45-degree angle with your body, palm down.


Lift the weight so it is straight above your body. Keep your eyes on the weight. 


Keep your wrist and elbow completely straight for the rest of the movement.


Roll to your forearm. 


All of these movements are going to happen at the same time:


Push off with the foot that is on the floor. Punch upward with the kettlebell. 

Open your chest so you are not collapsed in. 


Push up with your elbow (the one on the floor) and raise to your forearm then your palm. 


Now, once you’re on your palm, your arm should be straight. Lockout your elbow. You are now in the “T Position”. 


These remaining movements will happen one at a time:


Keep your shoulders locked or “packed” so you are not collapsing in.


Now raise your butt off the floor as you lift your leg and sweep your knee underneath you so that your leg (the one that was on the floor) is now holding the rest of your weight. 


If you draw connecting the three, your right foot, left knee, and left hand would form a triangle.

From the triangle position, your goal is to move to a half-kneeling position.

Now get into a standing position. But before you do that, first align your left leg in the same direction as your right leg by simply rotating your left lower leg while keeping your left knee on the floor. 


Once you’re in a half-kneeling position, you can take your eyes off the bell and look straight ahead.


Press your right foot into the floor and stand up, while keeping your elbow locked and wrist straight.


Once you are standing you can reverse the movements until you are back in the fetal position. 

You just completed a Turkish Get-up!