As of 5/19/21 below reflects our current mask policy for all of our facilities

Vaccinated or Medically-Excused: Mask Not Required

Not Vaccinated: Masks Required 100% of the Time

Please help us stay open by doing the following. 


See someone not wearing a mask? Assume the best and respect others privacy.

Really concerned: Please be kind and polite. Please remember that masks are required if not vaccinated for you and them to keep coming to the gym.

Mask Up or Pay Up

Unfortunately, after members reporting Club 24 to the state's enforcement departments as a result of other members not abiding by the required mask mandate our ability to stay open is at risk. Not wearing a mask without proof of vaccination or medical excuse may result in a $100-500 fine and/or membership suspension or termination.

Don't Like Masks?

Neither do we, but the state doesn't give our business a choice and we want to stay open for you. Please don't put the club in a spot that could result in crippling fines or even closure. Need a break from the mask? Step outside to catch your breath. Concerned about working out with a mask? We get it. That is why we allow you to put your account on freeze until the mandates are lifted. They last up to 3 months, can be renewed every 90 days, and it doesn't cost you or hurt your membership.