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Membership Cost Changing For Some

Dear Club 24 Hansen Park Members,

Holy cow… One heck of a year! We really appreciate your patience & continued support – we have some of the best & most generous members anywhere!

When we took over Hansen Park Fitness over 3 years ago, we kept your rates the same as long as possible. The time has come to update all Hansen Park memberships to current Club 24 rates.

Effective May 14th, 2021 any open-ended membership that is not currently at Club 24 pricing will be adjusted to the current one year membership rates for the next three months:

  • Primary Member $35.95 per month
    • (if EFT payment price is $1 less – $34.95)
  • Secondary Members $26.00 each, per month
    • (if EFT payment price is $1 less – $25)

If you wish to remain at this great rate, you MUST sign a new agreement by August 14th, 2021. If you do not sign a new agreement your membership rate will simply be adjusted on August 15th, 2021 to Club 24 month-to-month rates ($44.95/mon).

Thanks again for your patience and continued support- keep your success stories coming, you inspire us!



Questions, please reach out to us via email at su*****@cl*******.com as this is the quickest way to get a response from us. (Monday – Friday)

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