Benefits of Dumbbells

There are so many great benefits of using dumbbells that there is no way we can list them all. Here are 5 amazing benefits of adding dumbbells to your gym or workout routine.

  1. Greater Stabilization – This forces your muscles to use more muscle fibers to stabilize the load which in turn makes the lift more effective in producing overall strength and power gains.
  2. Unilateral Training – Everyone has a weak side and bilateral training allows your dominate side to compensate. Since dumbbell training trains limbs unilaterally it can help you strengthen both sides equally with no compensation from your stronger side creating a better balance of strength.
  3. Variety – Variations in your routine is highly necessary to keep you from getting into a rut and losing focus. Let’s face it, barbell exercises are awesome but can be somewhat limiting compared to the greater number of dumbbell exercises you can perform.
  4. Safety – Some exercises performed with dumbbells can be much safer if something goes wrong. If you lose your balance at some point it’s much safer to drop a pair of dumbbells than risk being crushed by a barbell.
  5. Cost – If you workout out of your home, dumbbells are an excellent low cost option for both strength and metabolic training. Because of the variety of movements that dumbbells offer they are great addition to your home gym with a low cost and they take up very little space especially if you opt for adjustable dumbbells.

Fun Fact: In a letter to his son, Benjamin Franklin once wrote “I live temperately, drink no wine, and use daily the exercise of the dumbbell.”