Change your diet, improve your life.

  • According to a study released by Lancet, globally 1 in 5 deaths (11 million deaths) were associated with poor diet in 2017. Cardiovascular disease being the biggest contributor to the deaths, cancers and type 2 diabetes being other contributing factors.
  • Largest consumption factors seen in foods not eaten such as, nuts and seeds, milk, not enough fruits and whole grains. All the while, sugary drinks, processed meat and sodium were eaten too much and too often.
  • Across all 15 dietary factors more deaths were associated with not eating enough healthy foods.
  • Out of all 195 countries, the proportion of diet-related deaths was highest in Uzbekistan, and lowest in Israel. The UK ranked 23rd, the United States 43rd, China 140th, and India 118th.

While we all aren’t perfect in our dietary habits, changing just a few items that we consume can make all the difference to our overall health.

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